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School, Churches and Aluminum Scaffolding

School, Churches and Aluminum Scaffolding

School, Churches and Aluminum Scaffolding

What is common between schools, churches and aluminum scaffolding?

Schools and churches have auditoriums and Gymnasiums with high ceilings. Some of those auditorium Floors are slopped for better viewing of the stage. The spacing between the seating can vary between 6 feet or 8 feet center aisle to center aisle.

High ceilings, uneven floors, and obstacles like seats to get over are common between schools churches and aluminum scaffolding. This is why aluminum scaffolding is the most versatile and maintenance free work platform in the industry.

How to figure out the aluminum scaffolding needed for the job:

You will need to measure between the aisles to figure out if you have conventional or continental seating. Conventional seating is 6 feet spacing and continental seating is 8 foot spacing. Once you determine the spacing you now can decide on the length of your aluminum scaffolding. Depending on the grade of the floor will decide if you can use an aluminum instant up scaffolding or a span scaffolding.

Next we will have to determine the Different heights of your ceiling both from the Low and high areas of your slope floor as well as from the stage. This will determine the amount of lightweight aluminum scaffolding you will need to buy to access the different heights as well as slopes.


Once you have calculated those figures give us a call here at UpRight Scaffold North America and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you very much for visiting our blog. We hope to educate our readers on  proper and safe use of Aluminum Scaffolds. Please stay tuned for more educational posts, tutorials, and safety videos.

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