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Aluminum Scaffolding Fixed in Field

Aluminum Scaffolding Fixed in Field


Aluminum Scaffolding Fixed in Field

How many times have you broken a tool in the field and had to either stop what you were doing to go to town and either buy a new one or take it to someone that can fix the item. I think we all have been there at one point in time. The components of the Aluminum Scaffolding that get the most use and wear and tear on the job site are repairable in the field. For this you will need the spare part with you for immediate repair but you won’t have to tear the Aluminum Scaffolding unit down and take it to town. You will be able to fix it in the field or replace the broken part in the field.

The casters, platforms, adjustable legs and leg lock assembly on your aluminum scaffolding can all be replaced or repaired in the field. These Aluminum scaffolding components get the most use. Next are the Aluminum scaffolding end frames, guard rail frames, braces, toe boards, bushings and both long pin and short pin interlock clips. These items are not fixable in the field but are defiantly field replaceable. Some of the Aluminum scaffolding items can be salvaged and even bring you money to defer the cost of that broken Aluminum scaffold part.  If you damage a frame on the last upper rung down to where the next rung comes across just cut that part off at the top of the tee joint. Now you have yourself a short Aluminum scaffolding frame which can come in very handy. If for example you had a 6’9” extension frame and damaged the top section of the frame just cut that top section off. You now have a 5’6” Aluminum extension frame. Don’t throw that damaged Aluminum scaffolding part away keep it and recycle it for cash. Now you can go buy some beers with that new found money and recycle those cans as well. If you damage the whole Aluminum scaffolding frame take out the bushings and interlock clips and keep them for when you might need them and recycle the aluminum scaffolding frame for cash.

Aluminum Scaffolding Aluminum Scaffolding

The platforms standard and hatch door are designed so you can replace whatever section might be broken. You can replace the hooks, side and end rails, hatch door and the wood all in the field.

Aluminum Scaffolding platformhook

The leg lock assembly is also field replaceable by just taking out the Aluminum leg and the set screw on the side of the leg lock assembly and sliding the leg lock off the Aluminum base frame. If you damage a base frame salvage the adjustable leg, leg lock assembly and short pin inter lock clips. Then what do you do with the Aluminum scaffolding frame? You recycle your old aluminum scaffolding frames and offset your cost on replacement parts.


If you own aluminum scaffolding and want me to come by and look at it from a safety aspect regarding what pieces you should recycle and what pieces can be repaired as well as what you should salvage from the damage Aluminum scaffold sections just email me @ [email protected] or call 707-799-8902 (I am only able to visit companies in my geographical area. Because of computers and camera phones were able to do a lot without visiting your site.) When I inspect your Aluminum Scaffolding I create two areas, one is for what is good and you keep and the other area is for what should be scrapped / recycled. I then will work with your people to strip the scaffold sections of salvageable parts and make a list of what needs to be replaced. If you would like a quote on the Aluminum scaffolding replacement parts I will put one together for you to turn into your insurance agent and or place an order for some or all the broken parts so you can put your damage Aluminum scaffolding back to work for you.

That’s enough for now I will do a part 2 on “Aluminum scaffolding fixed In field” and we will cover outriggers, High Clearance platforms and toe boards.


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