This is one of Upright Scaffold North Americas biggest concern, our customer’s safety.  Customer can call us to come out to their facility (in our local area) and safety inspect their scaffolding FREE of charge. It is a service we offer to our existing, new and potential customers to insure them and their employees that their equipment is safe and stable to work on. When inspecting your scaffolding we will make a list of all damage parts and put them aside for customer’s inspection with the sales rep. At customers request we will provide them with a quote for replacement parts. We will also explain what parts to take off the damage equipment and save for future replacement parts; for example inter lock clips, adjustable legs, leg lock assembly and bushings. We will also show customers how to take a damaged frame and make them into smaller frames depending on where the damage is on the frame.  After you have collected all the miscellaneous parts from the frames we suggest you take the aluminum to a recycler and get some money back to offset the cost of the replacement parts.

Safety instruction manual (printable)