Span scaffolds offer a modular, cost effective and safe means of access to job sites. The interchangeability of our components provides flexible, easy to erect working platforms from 1 foot (.3m) to height of over 100 feet (30m)

Span scaffolds have been designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility with a wide selection of components and options.  Easy to transport and store. Our span scaffold roll on their own casters – even through doorways.

Single wide scaffold – width 29 inches (.74m) Platform lengths – 6 feet (1.8m), 8 feet (2.4m) or 10 feet (3m).

Upright Scaffold











single wide span scaffolding standing 12 feet working 18 feet.


Here is a worker standing on a 6’ single wide span scaffold with a platform height of 12’ working height of 18’. He is using outriggers because he is over his base to height ratio which in Arizona is 4 to 1 base to height. The 6’ single wide span scaffold shown in this picture can be set up by one person to the platform height of 12’ in about 15 minutes.







Span Scaffold can be used in a stairwell by offsetting an end frame and using an extra frame on the low end of the scaffold to get you up to the same height of the base end frame on the top step. You use the 6’ or 8’ bracing and platforms. Give us a call and we can explain set up procedure or set up an appointment for us to come out and demonstrate how to offset the frames. Free demonstration only offered in our local area. For customers outside our local sales area we can send you our instructional video.

This shows a standard single wide base frame being offset on stairs.

This span scaffold has the lower frame offset by more than a 16” rung spacing. If you look at the lower frame you see that the adjustable legs are let out about 6” bringing the top of the lower base frame even with the second rung down from the top base frames top rung. To get an even platform at the top you need to use a 4 rung or 5 ½’ extension frame on the lower base frame and a 3 rung or 4’ extension frame on the top end frame. This will give you a level 10 ½’ platform height and a 16 ½’ working height.












The Easy Up single wide scaffold – width-29inches (.74m) Platform Lengths – 6 feet (1.8m), 8 feet (2.4m).  When folded up the Easy Up is 9 ½ inches (24cm) thick.

Easy Up is designed to rapidly unfold and lock into position without the use of tools.  This folding stand will easily fit though doorways and roll to virtually any job site.  Simply unfold and lock into place and you have a platform height of 6’6” or use it as an instant base for a multiple section tower. The Easy Up creates a sturdy, safe, level foundation every time.  When finished with the job, you can quickly fold and roll away for easy compact storage.

This shows you how to open a single wide instant Up holding span scaffolding







Easy Up Stairwell Base:

Easy up stairwell base in stairwell with platform




With the same folding features as the Easy Up, the Easy Up Stairwell Base is designed specifically for stairwells. It provides a level base for overhead and wall access. Available in6’ and 8’ lengths single or double wide.






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